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In turneu cu Steve Vai!

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In turneu cu Steve Vai!

Sunt foarte entuziasmat! Mi-am dorit foarte mult sa ajung sa cant  intr-un turneu de calibru mare, si uite ca planetele s-au aliniat: peste cateva saptamani plec in turneu cu nimeni altul decat celebrul chitarist Steve Vai! Livin’ the dream, baby 🙂

Am mai cantat cu el in 2010 in Romania si in Italia, dar ceea ce se intampla acum este mult mai mare din toate punctele de vedere. In ceea ce priveste traseul vom concerta in 8 orase, in 5 tari: Rusia, Polonia, Italia, Spania si vom incheia la Bucuresti pe 25 iunie. Din punct de vedere muzical, repertoriul acestui turneu este fara discutie cel mai dificil pe care l-am abordat vreodata si necesita o pregatire foarte meticuloasa. Playlistul va contine atat piese de pe primele albume cat si de pe cel mai recent material lansat in 2012 – “The Story of Light”.

Am inceput din primele zile ale lunii Mai sa studiez materialul nou al acestui  turneu si analizand muzica in cele mai mici detalii am ajuns sa realizez cat de profunda a fost influenta lui Frank Zappa  asupra lui Steve Vai. Stiam asta din povesti, insa pana acum nu am realizat amplitudinea acestei influente. Muzica lui Vai este foarte spectaculoasa, complexa si imposibil de abordat fara o pregatire serioasa, dar cu toate astea melodicitatea, maiestria , tehnica, si intentiile artistului fac ca acest repertoriu sa fie usor de digerat de catre public. Adevarul este ca intotdeauna am admirat artistii ce reusesc sa faca lucrurile complicate sa para usoare, iar Steve Vai este un maestru la acest capitol.

Turneul in care urmeaza sa plec va fi cu adevarat o aventura muzicala la cel mai inalt nivel posibil si, pentru ca stiu ca foarte multi dintre voi tanjiti dupa detalii, voi tine un blog al acestei experiente unice pe care o puteti urmari atat aici, pe site-ul meu, cat si pe facebooktwitter sau  prin Email Newsletter

Mai multe despre concertele din 2010 puteti citi in interviul pe care l-am dat atunci pentru site-ul

„Hi Adrian, how did the gigs go?

The gigs were great, I have had a wonderful experience . Everything went fine except when Steve’s guitar cable came off the pedalboard during “For the Love of God” song on the Bucharest show. The sound was great considering the fact that mixing orchestra and a band is usually quite a challenge.

The gear I used on those events were two of my Warwick basses – Streamer Stage I & Thumb BO, and my Hellborg preamp.

What size the venues were (how many people)?

The events took place in large sports arenas. The Bucharest venue can hold  up to 6000 people, and the one in Rimini, Italy, up to 7000 people. Both performances were sold out!

What was your personal highlights from playing the shows?

I had a lot of fun with “The Crying Machine” song. This one was not in the original set, but Steve wanted to try it with the band on the soundcheck of the first show. “We’’ll try this song tomorrow during soundcheck, and if it sounds good we’ll add it to the set as an encore”! Next day we received green light for “The Crying Machine” and I was very happy about it because I could take a break from the “orchestral style playing”!

From my point of view, the electric bass had a kind of double role in this project. There were songs when I played as if I was part of the orchestra, looking at the conductor all the time, following the tempo changes and musical interpretations, and there were other songs when a modern bass playing approach was needed, like funky slap stuff.

What is like to play alongside Steve Vai?

I was very impressed by Steve Vai both the man and the musician. I couldn’t believe it that I was playing next to him after all the time I watched his videos and listened to his music. During the shows there were moments when I was hypnotized by Steve’s guitar. Two times I was on the verge of missing my bass lines because I had keep listening to him, no longer focussing on my playing.

The scarce musical suggestions he offered were always precise and well explained, usually in the form of jokes. It was impossible to miss the point. The first time we have played “The Crying Machine”, all Steve said was: “Ok guys!  One, two, three, four”…  I really enjoyed his direct and spontaneous style. Moreover, during solos, Steve chose randomly the musicians who were supposed to improvise. Imagine being finger pointed to play a solo during a concert in front of 6000 people or more. It’s really the kind of test that show what you’re made of.

It has been a privilege for me to support Steve Vai, and the whole experience was transcendental. „
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  1. Felicitari si mult succes! 😀

  2. Felicitari! Concertul a fost magnific , iar bassul a sunat demential


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