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Cum am cantat la Bass unor copii aflati la 400 de km de mine

By Adrian Ciuplea / April 20, 2016

Nu stiu altii cum sunt, insa mie imi place foarte mult sa-mi impartasesc experiența cu oricine e dispus sa o preia. Sunt genul ala de “freak” care se bucura de realizarile altora

Astea fiind spuse, acum putin timp am primit un mesaj de la o veche cunostinta, Teodora Slevoaca, in care ma intreba daca vreau sa tin o lectie de bass prin Skype pentru elevii ei de clasa a III-a.

Pe Teodora,  o cunosc de cand era de varsta copiilor carora urmeaza sa le tin lectia. Am invatat impreuna la aceeasi scoala, la Liceul de Arte din Constanta. Si ea, la fel ca mine, a studiat violoncelul… desi cand ea era clasa a III-a eu eram la liceu.

Acum ea preda muzica copiilor in cadrul institutiei Transylvania College si mi se pare foarte misto ca impreuna cu conducerea scolii se gandeste la noi posibilitati de a colora educatia muzicala.

Eu, la randul meu, invat oamenii sa cante la bass prin intermediul platformei Skype de mai bine de doi ani si stiu cat de eficient e acest sistem. Cu atat mai mult ma bucur cand vad ca oameni ambitiosi precum Teodora se folosesc de tehnologie pentru a depasi bariere create de timp si spatiu, scenarii “vechi” si scuze de genul: e prea departe, nu e timp, e complicat, etc

Mie mi se pare ca educația de astăzi are acces la niste oportunități uimitoare, care nu erau disponibile generatiilor trecute.

Si se discuta aprins despre asta, pentru ca sunt oameni carora chiar le pasa de viitor. Rita Pierson, o profesoara cu experienta de peste 40 de ani din US, a auzit o data o colega de catedra spunand “sistemul nu ma plateste ca sa ii plac pe copii’. Raspunsul pe care ea l-a dat este incredibil si il poti auzi in video-ul asta (intreaga conferinta dureaza 8 minute):

Mda, cam amazing, nu?

Un lucru e clar, traim vremuri exceptionale iar eu sunt convins ca in viitorul apropiat educatia va fi adanc influentata de toate aceste posibilitati pe care tehnologia ni le pune la dispozitie.

Mie se pare pur si simplu incredibil faptul ca pot transmite in timp real un strop din experienta mea unor copii care se afla la 400 km distanta fata de mine.

Am inteles ca cei mai multi dintre ei canta la chitara, asa ca m-am gandit sa le arat cateva lucruri precum:

  • diferentele dintre chitara si bass.

  • Ce rol are basul si cat de mult ajuta el melodiile

  • Cateva linii de bass mai rock, altele mai funk (si cu niste slap delicios)

  • Si la final am sa le cant o piesa… speciala

Eu cred ca se vor distra teribil, eu unul sigur o voi face 🙂

Chiar, crezi ca astfel de experiente in timpul scolii fac bine sau mai mult incurca?


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Album Review by Cherascu Andrei: Nicu Patoi & Platonic – Sweet Little 6String

By Adrian Ciuplea / October 31, 2014

This article first appeared here

By Cherascu Andrei on August 27, 2012


I have to admit, even though I’m Romanian, I don’t listen to much Romanian music. I have my reasons. The sad truth is my country produces very little in the way of quality music nowadays and if you have any artistic sensibility and any demand for melody or lyrics that stimulate the mind you best steer clear of the radio stations if you ever visit our little corner of Eastern Europe. Now, that is not to say that there are no decent records produced over here. You just wouldn’t know it unless you stumbled across them by accident in a record store, just like I did with this little gem, namely Nicu Patoi & Platonic’s  Sweet Little 6String (which I admit I initially read Sweet Little G-String). Now, I was already familiar with Patoi as the guitarists for various bands, most famously for Stefan Banica Jr (a Romanian pop icon who wishes he were a rock’n roll icon) and for Platonic, a band that became pretty well-known for appearing on fellow band-member Berti Barbera’s music-themed TV show Taverna  (Romanian for Tavern)

I was already well aware that Nicu is one of the most talented guitarists on the Romanian music scene and I had seen (and been impressed with) Platonic’s performance at the Garâna Jazz Festival in 2009 but this was the first time I had listened to a record by Patoi and his band.   The album was released in November 2011 and features twelve songs composed by Nicu Patoi (with themes from Eddie Harris and The Meters used on “Army of Ants”).  The band waste no time on intros and start in full-force from the opening tune, “Watermill”, and you can immediately tell that you are dealing with consummate musicians as each of the four members of the band – namely Adrian Ciuplea on bass, Răzvan Lupu on drums, Berti Barbera on percussions and, of course, Nicu Patoi on guitar, as well as various guest-musicians – make great use of their talent and deliver music that is a joy to listen to.  For me this truly was the feel-good album of the summer. The music is very melodic, and doesn’t take much getting used to but is at the same time rich and complex and all members of the band get the opportunity to shine in a very fair distribution of “the spotlight”.  While all band members do an excellent job I think I was mostly impressed with Adrian Ciuplea’s bass; I have a soft spot for bass when it’s played right, it can make all the difference (see “Come Back”).

Nicu’s playing is flawless, sometimes reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan (“Soul of the Crystal” kind of makes you think of “Lenny” or of Marc Ribot playing “Aurora En Pekin”), sometimes of Al Di Meola (“Mysterious Ways” – one of the best tracks on the record) or Joe Satriani (“The Big Runner”) and even Eric Clapton (“Legacy” immediately made me think of Clapton performing “Tearing us Apart” at Knebworth in 1990).

Nicu Patoi in concert - Garana Jazz Festival 2009 by Andrei Cherascu

The record has a very interesting structure to it. Though technically a jazz-piece it starts out sounding more “light” with songs that have hints of pop/rock (perhaps throwbacks to the time he spent playing with various pop singers) but, by mid-record, it starts sounding more “jazzy” with hints of hard rock (especially on the last three tracks).  The highlights are, in my opinion, “Sahara Groove”, “Legacy” and “Mysterious Ways” though all the songs include a little something for everyone. The only minor regret I have is that they didn’t make use of Berti Barbera’s good singing voice, it would have been pleasant to hear on at least a couple of tracks. But, then again, Nicu and Berti have a side project where they often act as a duo, with Berti doing vocals and Nicu backing him up on guitar and they do constantly perform together.

I remember that watching Nicu and Platonic perform in 2009 when an acquaintance told me he wasn’t at all impressed with them, that they don’t contribute anything new or groundbreaking to the music industry. Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and there is no accounting for taste but I believe he’s full of shit. Expecting every single artist to be avant-garde or every single piece of music to be an experiment is a sign of an unsubstantial mind and pretentious ambition. As I’ve mentioned before sometimes it’s best to just kick back and enjoy something for what it is. Does Sweet Little 6String change the landscape of music? No! It doesn’t, and it doesn’t have to.  What it offers is an hour’s worth of great Jazz performed by exceptionally skilled musicians and I say kudos to them.





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2013 Year in review

Seeing lots of articles about the past year made me to stop and think for a few moments about my accomplishments in 2013. Without hesitation I decided to gather around all my musical experiences  in a “small” post that I use it as a reference both to the past and as a springboard for future plans and dreams. I hope I do not sound arrogant, but I wish that 2014 will be even better!


My 2013 began with a musical idea that I recorded it on the spot because I liked it very much. I hope I’ll find the time and inspiration to take this piece to the next level.

On January 15th I launched my website, www.adrianciuplea.com and made a small movie (while paragliding) announcing it.


January 18 – My band Vita de Vie went on a national Tour called  Spunk Tour 2013. In a month and a half we did 5000 km touring, we visited 14 cities and played in front of about 8,000 people.

January 31 – I played with the band Days of Confusion @ Metalhead Awards in Silver Church.

Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.02.43



February – cello studio recording session for the album of the artist Alexandrina Hristov


March 13 – My first bass masterclass 🙂


March 29Vita de Vie releases the first video from the album Acoustic – “Basul si cu Toba Mare (Acoustic)”



April 5 – Vita de Vie releases the Acustic Album

Screenshot 2013-12-29 17.49.45


April 6- Vita de Vie – new Video  “Lasat Pustiu” – feat. Razvan Suma on Cello


April 8 – Acoustic Album – concert at the National Theatre Bucharest.

Screenshot 2013-12-29 17.53.15


Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.10.29


April 19-21 – Serbia Vrsac Open 2013 – paragliding competition – 1st Class Fun


Screenshot 2013-12-30 23.23.25


May 20Platonic Band concert opening for Joe Satriani – Bucharest.

Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.17.14


June 4 – Double Bass studio session – Lazy Band



Iunie 5-25 – Steve Vai & Evolution Tempo Orchestra European Tour 🙂

Certainly the most extensive and intense musical experience that I ever attended although it was very difficult and demanding. This Tour will remain deeply embedded in my soul


Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.31.09


List of events

Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.33.25



June 30 –  16 – Vita de Vie National Tour @ Zilele Prieteniei – Bergenbier


July 5 – Vita de Vie Live @ Bestfest

Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.36.40


July 9 – Days of Confusion live @ Bestfest

Screenshot 2013-12-30 23.42.55


July 18 – Vita de Vie Live @ Peninsula

Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.38.58


July 30 – New Vita de Vie Music Video for “Ce conteaza” – feat. Florin Ochescu si Eugen Caminschi


August 1st- Vita de Vie live @ Folk You, Vama Veche



August 7 – Studio recording session – Days of Confusion 

Screenshot 2013-12-30 23.37.43

2 October to 21 November – Platonic Band “Middle of the week Tour”

A small tour with a totally unique flavour, an unforgettable experience.

Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.53.23

Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.51.43



November 1st – We launched the online music school –  Music Academy (in Romanian)


November 5 – my first lesson from Music Academy – “How to play Basul si cu Toba Mare” (in romanian)



December 2 – Studio recording session with Platonic Band – recordings for the new album of the romanian band named Cristal

Screenshot 2013-12-29 21.55.07


And last but no least, the New Year’s Eve Gig



I have come to an end, although I have the feeling that I forgot to write down some stuff .. but it does not matter, as the brand new 2014 is already here.

The new year begins in force with a freakin’ BIG Vita de Vie Tour , and in the same time Platonic Band will continue it’s “Middle of the Week Tour”. It is possible to have some huge surprises in the Summer, but I’ll talk about them in time. Altogether, the future sounds good



Fenomental Tour Dates

17 ianuarie/Timisoara/Daos Club
18 ianuarie/Arad/Club Flex
24 ianuarie/Bucuresti/Fabrica
25 ianuarie/Baicoi/Club Touche
31 ianuarie/Petrosani/Barock
01 februarie/Targoviste/La Scriitori
06 februarie/Sibiu/Oldies Pub
07 februarie/Ploiesti/The Shame Rock Pub
08 februarie/Galati/Union Jack
13 februarie/Suceava/Talcioc Cultural
14 februarie/Piatra Neamt/Km 0
15 februarie/Brasov/Rockstad
21 februarie/Pitesti/Club Hush
22 februarie/Ramnicu Valcea/Pub La Cascada
26 februarie/Craiova/Cafe Teatru Play
27 februarie/Targu Mures/Jazz & Blues Club
28 februarie/Sfantu Gheroghe/Backstage Live
06 martie/Cluj Napoca/Euphoria Music Hall
07 martie/Sighetu Marmatiei/Stage Pub
08 martie/Zalau/Green Club
14 martie/Buzau/No Limit
15 martie/Campina/Club Live
21 martie/Oradea/Moskva Cafe
22 martie/Baia Mare/Log Out
28 martie/Iasi/Underground Pub
29 martie/Chisinau/Albion
04 aprilie/Constanta/Doors Club
05 aprilie/Sinaia/Backstage Live
11 aprilie/Bacau/The Stage
12 aprilie/Radauti/Casa Luca Pub
tba mai/Alba Iulia/Ryma

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